Doing Pest Removals the Right Way

Pests like fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and many others create nuisance in your house. However, besides nuisance, pests spread several diseases. Many DIY pest control steps can be performed to get rid of pests. But before doing any pest control treatment, you must check the dos and don’ts of pest control. 

For example, if you are going to do any pest control trick, then you should store all your valuable items in a safe place. So that your belongings should not be damaged. In this article, we will suggest some after and before pest control steps. Let’s begin:

Things you must follow before pest control 

Some before pest control steps you must follow are listed below: 

  • Access: Before doing pest control steps, you must remove your furniture from the corners of your house. However, it will offer easy access for pest removalists. Pest solutions are mostly done in house corners. Therefore, your furniture will be safe from chemicals. So, after moving furniture, you can call experts. 
  • Clothes and Furniture: You must ensure packing your house belongings like clothes, children toys with a plastic sheet, before pest control steps. Moreover, if storing clothes is possible, store them in cabinets. Additionally, seal up your windows and entry points with tape. Critically also wrap your expensive furniture like sofas and couches.
  • Kitchen/dining area: You have to do something in the kitchen before pest treatment, such as:
  • Clean countertops of your kitchen. Moreover, store your kitchen appliances like plates, cups and cutlery. 
  • If possible, move out small things from the kitchen. However, you can also cover your kitchen appliances
  • Cover your water filter in the kitchen
  • You should not cover your kitchen sinks as they will be sprayed during pest treatment
  • Before pest treatment, you must unplug your fridge
  • Pets: Your pets are very sensitive and chemical solutions during pest treatment are dangerous for pets. Therefore, it’s better if you drop your pets off at your relatives. You must keep your pets ‘ food in a safe place. In addition, if you have an aquarium at your house, then you should cover it with plastic wrapping. Regardless of plastic wrapping, put sufficient food for fish. You can also off the air pump of your aquarium. 

Things you must do after the pest treatment

Some pest control steps must follow after treatment: 

  • Wait: If you want to enter the vacated rooms, then you must wait for the time mentioned by experts. However, it is safe if you move into the treated rooms after one hour of control.
  • Throw the food item left outside: if by mistake you left it outside the food item, then throw them in the bin. Although experts use safe chemicals for pests, the food is no longer healthy to eat. So, you should throw away that chemical infected food. 
  • Don’t clean your house immediately: After the pest treatment, don’t clean your house immediately. As many times, it will wipe off pest solutions. And it is no more effective for pest control. However, professionals will suggest when to clean the house. Critically, not clean the house for at least one week. 

Some other tips for controlling pest infestation

You must follow the below tips for controlling pests at your house. Thus, some of the pest control tips are mentioned below: 

  • Clean your house kitchen regularly
  • Dispose of all house waste in the bin
  • Clean your bathroom regularly with detergents
  • regularly Maintain your gardens
  • Don’t put fruits and cooked food out
  • Put the raw vegetables in the fridge

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