Here Are Various Types Of Ants You Might Find In Your Home

Nowadays people are suffering from various pests problems and the ant is also a threat to human beings. There are numerous types of ant species. However, there are 5 types of ants that you will mostly find in your home. Such as Formica (field) ants, fire ants, Argentine ants, black ants, and carpenter ants. If you are facing an ant problem in your home then it’s really difficult to get rid of them easily because it requires too much effort. Also, you need to know which types of ants are there in your kitchen and then decide how you will remove these ants permanently because if you don’t know then you will get difficult to remove.

Ants Control Services

Know About Black Ants

You can easily find these black ants in your home and especially from June to August and usually breeds more. These ants are very tiny, 1.5 to 2 mm in length. This ant depends on fruits, vegetables, oil, corn, sweets, and meat. Also, these insects live on other insects. These little ants are mini in size and sting humans but their sting is not very strong, but still, you have to be very careful because these can be increased, and difficult to get rid of them easily. In this case, it is essential to do ant control treatment at home.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are red and these ants are small mostly 1/5 in size but very dangerous and sting badly that burn a lot and pain. These ants are a threat to your kids and aged people in your home. Mostly these ants mounds can be seen in your home garden below the ground, and near the tree trunk. And these ants grow in the warm and dry season. The best way to end this ant is simply to persecute and saturate this is the effective home pest control services treatment to get rid of them.

How To Handle Argentine Ants

These ants are not very dangerous because they cannot sting. These ants can just bite. You will not be comfortable with these bites but these are not severe. These ants have numerous groups and nests so you cannot handle these ants with a single product. They mostly build a nest in wall cracks. To get rid of these ants you need to make efforts and need professional methods to deal with them.

Know Better Carpenter Ants    

These ants are dangerous to your home property. It destroys your home furniture; they chew the wood and breed inside the wood. Moreover, these ants have affection towards moist wood also if they find a moist place in your home such as the washroom and kitchen sink, and home garden where they get the wet place. Here you need to take professionals’ advice to get away from your home.

Filed (Formica ) Ants

These ants are very tiny in size from 4 to 8 mm. Also, these ant species are in numerous colors such as black, brown, red, and yellow. Mostly you will see these ants in outdoor areas such as on soil, green fields, grass, and in the dead woods. So, you can find these ants in your home park. Here you need to hire outdoor pest control professionals to get rid of these ants permanently.


If you still finding an issue in dealing with these ants and again and again they are taking place in your home then you need to call the ants experts because they have knowledge of types of ants species and know how to deal with them properly and this way you will get rid from these all various types of ants from your home.

What Do You Need To Know About Carpenter Ants?

It has been found that some ants are an annoyance and others are dangerous. Carpenter ants in your home can cause a lot of damage and are considered one of the most destructive ant species. You can find the carpenter ant in walls, floors, ceilings, and wooden structural elements of your house. For Ant Control you need to take an immediate step. Dead insects and sugary liquids are the main food source for carpenter ants.

What Do Carpenter Ants Look like?

Carpenter ants range from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch and are the largest ant species. They are found in a variety of colors such as brown, red, yellow, and orange. The carpenter ants with wings create a new colony and leave the colony to mate. As compared to normal ants the size of these ants is bigger. Sometimes it might be hard for homeowners to identify the carpenter ants based on color and size. But if you notice a sawdust material and tiny holes that means carpenter ants live there and it’s time to take the necessary ant removal step.

What Attracts Them To Your Home?

The two main things that attract the carpenter ants are potential food sources and places to build nests. Regularly check your wooden cupboards for ant food sources such as sweets, small insects, and meats. This is the biggest reason that ants came to your house so immediately remove them. For Ant Control, regularly clean your kitchen trash. If you have a moisture issue in your home then definitely carpenter ants can find it there. Regularly examine the tree stumps and firewood near your house.

How Do Carpenter Ants Damage Your Home? 

Like any other pet, the carpenter ant doesn’t spread danger but can cause serious damage. Carpenter ants can bite through the skin and if you don’t take any steps for pest control then they may cause structural damage. Mostly they are found in the spring season and it is a very challenging task to get them under control. To move from one area to another carpenter ants make passageways by cutting galleries into the grain of the wood. Around 50,000 more ants are included in a single carpenter ant colony. If one carpenter ant can cause a massive amount of damage then think what 50,000 ants can do. Take immediate action for ant control otherwise, you will end up with costly repair bills.

How To Remove Carpenter Ants?

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a homeowner to get rid of carpenters’ ants on their own. They built their nests in difficult areas to find. You can remove the nest physically or use chemicals to remove it. If you don’t apply the ant control products carefully then it can be dangerous for you. Identifying and treating the underlying moisture problem as it is a very challenging task.


If you failed to get rid of carpenter ants by following ant control methods then it’s better to call a professional pest Control service. The experts try to remove carpenter ants safely and effectively with their proper knowledge and experience. Experts help to save your money. 

Some Interesting Facts About Ant Control

We should know everything about ants because we want relief from them. So, if we don’t know anything about them then how can we prepare ourselves at the time of the attack of ants? These facts would enhance our knowledge about ants. You can use This knowledge at any time and anywhere. Due to this knowledge we can also help some other people which would be a great task. There could be some people who only want to know the way by which we can kill the ants. So, I would suggest to those people that firstly we all should know about Pest Removals. 

Popular facts about Ants Control / Ants:-

Ants like unpleasant smells and dirty places. They also attract towards open kept food which contains high amounts of sugar. Ants can smell food from a far away distance. They will target that home and then spoil the food and sweets. You can use basic Ants control ideas to remove ants. These ideas include turmeric powder, paste of cloves and solution of vinegar and sugar. When we apply turmeric powder in areas of ants then ants hate this powder’s smell. This is the fact that ants do not like turmeric’s smell.

It is said that paste created by mashing cloves is like the stoppage of ants colonies. This paste covers the ant holes in soil. The solution you can make by mixing vinegar and sugar with water produces a very bad smell which can even kill the ants. Ants can’t escape from this solution. Because it can be poured into their colonies. Vinegar has an antibacterial smell that ants hate the most. This is also a property of vinegar. From all above we would know that ants hate the smell of turmeric and vinegar. Sometimes when we create sound yet the ants don’t go away from us because they don’t have ears. They only sense anyone by vibrations.

Ants don’t need male ants to reproduce so it is easy for ants to reproduce. Due to this quality they become hundreds from one. Here they use cloning which means ants create identical identical daughters without any male ant. Some ants do not attack by themselves in their homes. Instead of attacking homes they attack on other ant’s colonies  and these special ants make slaves in those colonies. These slaves are those ants which are living in those colonies before attack. The special ants make use these slave ants for procuring food.

Ants are said to be farmers because they protect some types of crops like aphids from natural predators. There can be more to know about Pest Control Price. As new information is there every time but these above are the basic and important knowledge you should know about ants. If you want to know more about ants & their facts then you can easily contact the best pest control services. We will give you the best & effective results.

Home Remedies For Flea Bites You Need To Know

Insects like fleas are very irritating as they bite and feed themselves by sucking the blood of animals or humans. There are many species of fleas lurking around in this world but the most common one is the cat flea whose scientific name is Ctenocephalides felis. If you notice sand fleas, then, they cannot be categorised as fleas but they bite like cat fleas. If a flea bites you then, you will be able to find a red spot on your body that looks very tiny but irritates a lot. Let’s have a look at the symptoms of flea bites:

  • Red spot.
  • Itching.
  • Hives
  • Rashes
  • Swelling

If you find any symptoms of these flea bites, then, you should treat them as soon as possible because it can cause you severe allergic problems or you might feel wheezing, swelling of the tongue or lips, chest pain, or nausea. You should never ignore flea bites, as they cause itching and excessive scratching on the bite area can raise infections. Fleas carry a lot of diseases that can be transmitted to you by their bite. So, if you want to keep yourself healthy, then, you should not ignore flea bites.

Flea Infestation
Flea Infestation

Now, the thing is how you will get to know about Pest infestation? Well, there are lots of signs which indicate their infestation like first and the common sign you will get is your pet will start scratching or biting themselves more than usual. If you don’t have pets, still fleas can infest, you should not judge them by their tiny size. They can cause severe and extreme destruction in your life, just by biting or sucking your blood.

Home remedies for flea bites

If you have fleas in your home, then, they must have destroyed your peace till now by biting or sucking your blood. Well, not to worry, in this article, we are sharing some homemade pest solutions for flea bites.

  • For healing the flea bites, you can use ice packs. It will give you some relief from itching.
  • You can also prefer to use Aloe Vera or its gel. It will also soothe your skin and give you some relief from itching.
  • The other best home remedy for flea bites is using witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.
  • You can also apply vinegar to your skin, it will give some relief too.
  • Using tea tree oil will also work. If you don’t have tea tree oil, then, for flea bites you can also use tea bags that you have already used for making tea in your home.


If you want to keep fleas away from your home, then, you should make your pets bathe daily or brush their hair daily after taking them. Also, you need to keep your home clean, doing regular vacuuming will be the best or if not, you should light clean your home.


So, these are some of the home remedies for flea bites that you need to know about. Following the fleas control tips will give you some relief from flea bites.

Doing Pest Removals the Right Way

Pests like fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and many others create nuisance in your house. However, besides nuisance, pests spread several diseases. Many DIY pest control steps can be performed to get rid of pests. But before doing any pest control treatment, you must check the dos and don’ts of pest control. 

For example, if you are going to do any pest control trick, then you should store all your valuable items in a safe place. So that your belongings should not be damaged. In this article, we will suggest some after and before pest control steps. Let’s begin:

Things you must follow before pest control 

Some before pest control steps you must follow are listed below: 

  • Access: Before doing pest control steps, you must remove your furniture from the corners of your house. However, it will offer easy access for pest removalists. Pest solutions are mostly done in house corners. Therefore, your furniture will be safe from chemicals. So, after moving furniture, you can call experts. 
  • Clothes and Furniture: You must ensure packing your house belongings like clothes, children toys with a plastic sheet, before pest control steps. Moreover, if storing clothes is possible, store them in cabinets. Additionally, seal up your windows and entry points with tape. Critically also wrap your expensive furniture like sofas and couches.
  • Kitchen/dining area: You have to do something in the kitchen before pest treatment, such as:
  • Clean countertops of your kitchen. Moreover, store your kitchen appliances like plates, cups and cutlery. 
  • If possible, move out small things from the kitchen. However, you can also cover your kitchen appliances
  • Cover your water filter in the kitchen
  • You should not cover your kitchen sinks as they will be sprayed during pest treatment
  • Before pest treatment, you must unplug your fridge
  • Pets: Your pets are very sensitive and chemical solutions during pest treatment are dangerous for pets. Therefore, it’s better if you drop your pets off at your relatives. You must keep your pets ‘ food in a safe place. In addition, if you have an aquarium at your house, then you should cover it with plastic wrapping. Regardless of plastic wrapping, put sufficient food for fish. You can also off the air pump of your aquarium. 

Things you must do after the pest treatment

Some pest control steps must follow after treatment: 

  • Wait: If you want to enter the vacated rooms, then you must wait for the time mentioned by experts. However, it is safe if you move into the treated rooms after one hour of control.
  • Throw the food item left outside: if by mistake you left it outside the food item, then throw them in the bin. Although experts use safe chemicals for pests, the food is no longer healthy to eat. So, you should throw away that chemical infected food. 
  • Don’t clean your house immediately: After the pest treatment, don’t clean your house immediately. As many times, it will wipe off pest solutions. And it is no more effective for pest control. However, professionals will suggest when to clean the house. Critically, not clean the house for at least one week. 

Some other tips for controlling pest infestation

You must follow the below tips for controlling pests at your house. Thus, some of the pest control tips are mentioned below: 

  • Clean your house kitchen regularly
  • Dispose of all house waste in the bin
  • Clean your bathroom regularly with detergents
  • regularly Maintain your gardens
  • Don’t put fruits and cooked food out
  • Put the raw vegetables in the fridge

Hire our experts and get pest control done the right way! 

We want you to live comfortably in your house. That’s why we assure you of safe pest control services. Our professionals follow many beneficial pest control steps. However, all our pest treatment is safe for your family. We use approved chemicals for unwanted pests. Pest Control Southport has trained specialists for pest removal. Our experts know every do’s and do’s not for eliminating pests. Additionally, we are experts in controlling all pests. Our professionals use different solutions for every pest. Thus, connect with our pest control experts via call at 07 2000 4287